Founder's Vision

Prof.(Dr.) Sunil Kumar

You are our Guiding Light………………………Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

“यथा ह्येकेन चक्रेण न रथस्य गतिर्भवेत् । एवं पुरुषकारेण विना दैवं न सिध्यति ।।”
(As a chariot cart cannot move with one wheel, similarly, without hard work destiny does not bring fruit.)
The Sanskrit shloka beautifully captures the vision of Prof. (Dr.) Sunil Kumar, Founder, Lal Bahadur Shastri Group of Institutions. Who better than him could know the power of hard work. In 1982 when the seed of LBS Group was sown, probably nobody expect Prof. Kumar would have believed that it would turn into such a beautiful tree. And his belief was firmly rooted in his power to work hard to any extent with sincerity & commitment.

With quality as the core & excellence as the goal, the Group made continuous strides under his dynamic & visionary leadership. But, in this success journey nowhere values & ethics were given a back seat even if painful decisions had to be taken. That is what sets the LBS Group apart from the rest. This also is the underlying reason why Prof. Kumar was held in high esteem by the various parties in the Group’s external & internal environment– students, parents, faculty, contemporary institutions, PSUs, banks, private organisations, etc.

His approach towards his team can be summed up by the following shloka
“आनुभवति हि मोओर्ध्नअ पअदपस्तेएव्रमुस्ह्नम् ष्हमयति परितअपम् च्ह्च्ह्हअययअ सम्स्ह्रितअनअम्”
(The tree bears the intense heat on its head while it lessens the heat for those who take shelter under it.)

Ever happy & smiling, he had the power to charge up the most dull employee. He could very quickly carry out the SWOT analysis of his employees & hand over responsibilities accordingly. For him mistake was not a crime but a lesson worth remembering but not repeating. Therefore, people would work without any stress, pressure or fear under his charismatic leadership.

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Why LBS?

What does a candidate look for in an institution for pursuing MBA or MCA?

  • Institute’s Credibility
  • Faculty Resource
  • Infrastructure
  • Placements
  • Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

Candidates generally look for all the above, not necessarily in the same order. Most of the institutes may be strong in few of the above whereas lacking in others.
LBSIMDS is an institute which scores very high on all the criteria. As the famous saying goes “Seeing is Believing”, we analyse all the criteria for you.

  • Institute’s Credibility: More than 30 years old & hence the most experienced institute of Northern India with a very illustrious past.
    Know more...
  • Faculty Resource: Highly experienced faculty either Ph.D or NET qualified. Know more...
  • Infrastructure: The institute has a good infrastructure with all requisite facilities. Know more...
  • Placements: The institute has an excellent placement record. Know more...
  • Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities: Wide variety of activities like seminars, plant visits, guest lectures, sports, cultural events, etc. are organized for students on a regular basis. Know more...

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About us

Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Development Studies is an autonomous non-profit body registered in the year 1982 under the SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT 1860. The primary objective of the institute is to serve the industrial sector of the country in various fields of Management & Information Technology. The goal of the institute is to impart training in the software development, managerial fields in order to enable them to hear higher responsibilities in the Public and Private sector undertaking, by way of providing continuing educational facilities, in-house software development, holding conferences, meeting , discussions, seminars and encouraging reading of papers on professional Advancement/Development. Besides aiming for academic excellence in MBA & MCA, the institute has reacted a niche for itself in the area of institute industry interaction by way of regularly organizing the Management Development Programme, Faculty Development Programme, Staff Development Programme, Societal Development Programme, In house MDPs/SDPs and Annual Seminars. The Institute is a Consultant/Trainer for training programme on “Attitudinal Change” organized by Udyog Bandhu, Govt. of UP for training the officers & staff of various government departments in different districts of U.P. Various faculty members of the institute are behavioral trainers for organizations like SGPGI, UP Academy of Administration, LIC, CDA, Eldeco Housing, Corporation Bank, ETI, PNBIT etc.

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Our Facility

The College stands out for the stately beauty of its sprawling, campus, with spacious and well-equipped building with attractive architecture and state of art facilities. It's a centre of education established away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


The library is very well-equipped. It has out of print and rare volumes for reference purpose along with the updated and current issues. A reading room is provided to students with national and international journals, newspapers and periodicals related to business, management and IT enhance to the knowledge of future managers and professionals. It has general books to motivate and inspire students for their academic benefits. Besides this, the students can also access to the e-journals subscribed by the College.


LBSIMDS has separate computer lab for MBA & MCA having computer system of latest configuration and other facilities with LAN connectivity and Wi-Fi facility.


The Institute has Overhead Projectors, Slide Projectors, Multi-Media Projector, Audio and Video Recording facilities and its display with sufficient number of Management video cassettes.


The college has canteen to provide snacks, food and refreshments. The canteen is kept under the charge of the College Administration to ensure the quality of food, cleanliness and other factors. “A home away from home” The college offers requisite hostel facilities to all who opt for hostel accommodation. The facilities provided, not only compensate for the lack of home environment but also are conductive for their studies.


To develop overall multidimensional personality of students, Personality Development Programmes would be conducted for the students. The programme consists of seminars, plant visits, presentations by students, assignments, session on soft skills for motivation and self-development of the students.


The college, through its own transportation, arranges for a free Pick and Drop service from Engineering college intersection and Biotech Park intersection.

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The journal contains articles and papers on various aspects of management of academicians of repute. This journal enjoys a good reputation in the academic field and is available in the libraries of more than 200 B-schools of northern India.

Technical Journal of LBSIMDS, the bi-annual computer science journal . The journal invites papers , case studies and book reviews on various aspects of information technology from academicians and industry professionals . The Journal provides a platform to the contributors to put forth their ideas & reach out to others in their field and to get know the views of others.

The institute brings out a bi-annual newsletter ‘Spandan’ (the vibration) which is a glimpse of all the happenings and events that take place in the institute and a medium to stay connected. It showcases the recent developments at the institute and brings to light the initiatives of the institute.

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our faculty

LBSIMDS is proud to have a strong team of qualified and experienced individuals, whose sole objective is to create future managers and leaders. They are all experts in their respective domains, not just academically, but corporate too. In fact, very heavy focus is on corporate experience.

Master of Business Administration

Name Designation Qualification Total Experience
(Prof.)Dr. Tripti Bhartwal Director Ph.D., MMS 17 Years
Dr. Meenal Yadav Associate Professor & HOD Ph.D., MFC, MA(Eco.) 16 Years
Dr. Akanksha Srivastava Associate Professor Ph.D., MBA 9 Years
Dr. Garima Srivastava Associate Professor Ph.D., MBA 6.5 Years
Dr. Shiva Manoj Assistant Professor Ph.D., MBA 8 Years
Ms. Sonu Mishra Assistant Professor MBA, UGC-NET 8 Years
Ms. Jyoti Joshi Assistant Professor MBA, UGC-NET 5 Years
Ms. Parul Singh Assistant Professor MBA 4 Years
Ms. Deepti Shukla Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing), MBA 7.5 Years
Ms. Apoorva Sharma Assistant Professor MBA 2 Years
Ms. Prachi Srivastava Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing), MBA 7 Years
Ms. Priyanka Chowdhary Assistant Professor MBA, UGC-NET 5 Years
Ms. Pranati Dixit Assistant Professor MBA 3 Years



Master of Computer Application

Name Designation Qualification Total Experience
(Prof.)Dr. Tripti Bhartwal Director Ph.D., MMS 17 Years
Mr. Pramod Bhatnagar Associate Professor & HOD M.Tech(CS) 14 Years
Mr. Praveen Sachan Associate Professor M.Tech(IT) 13 Years
Ms. Jaishree Srivastava Assistant Professor M.Tech(IT), B.Tech(CS) 10 Years
Mr. Amit Sinha Assistant Professor M.Tech(IT), MCA 8 Years
Mr. Kapil Bhatia Assistant Professor MCA 6 Years
Ms. Gaurvi Mishra Assistant Professor MCA, M.Phil 7 Years
Ms. Indrani Chatterjee Assistant Professor Ph.D(Pursuing), MCA, M.Phil 6 Years
Mr. Rakesh Kr. Dhiman Assistant Professor MCA, M.Phil 5 Years
Ms. Chayanika Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech(CS), B.Tech(CS) 2 Years
Ms. Shweta Srivastava Assistant Professor M.Tech(CS), B.Tech(CS) 2 Years
Mr. Shalabh Shukla Assistant Professor MCA, M.Phil 6 Years
Mr. Manish Srivastava Assistant Professor MCA, M.Phil 4 Years

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