How Can An MBA Student Make The Most Of COVID19 Lockdown?

How Can An MBA Student Make The Most Of COVID19 Lockdown?


The whole country is observing the rules and regulations of Unlock 3.0.

Though, with several movement restrictions being uplifted, the government has also decided to extend the date of shutdowns of all the schools, colleges and coaching institutions till August 31st, 2020.


However, as per the current scenario, COVID19 positive cases are showing an escalated graph in the entire country. Therefore, this estimated date might extend even further.


And that is the reason, we as the Top Management College Of Lucknow, Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management and Development Studies, are going to suggest you a few methods that can help you make the most of these COVID19 lockdowns:

(I) Short Term Online Courses

There are several short term online courses which can be accomplished during a limited period of time. The brainstorming sessions, interaction with individuals from diverse geographical, educational and working backgrounds, knowledge about various organizational processes, techniques and tools can all, as a matter of fact, enhance the managerial skills of MBA students.  


(II) Following The News

Nurturing your general knowledge has never been outdated. After all, you do not want to have a stark blank look on your face, when caught up in the middle of a debatable discussion, maybe during online training or interview/ placement processes or sessions. And particularly during such trying times, when the execution of quotidian tasks has become even more challenging, one needs to grace himself/ herself to know about each and every dynamic detail of this pandemic situation.

Not solely that, having an exceptional knowledge about which businesses, industries and economies have been impacted the most because of COVID19, can help a student, to unquestionably know whether which sector he/ she should most preferably step in as a fresher.

Hence keeping oneself updated with the latest news can indeed and eventually help an MBA student in the long run.

Furthermore, this activity can help in fruitfully utilizing one's time as well.

Hence, ensure to revise the stories of such astonishing businesses during this period of lockdown.

(III) Virtual Internships

As virtual existence and work from home are emerging as the customary way of living, several companies are rolling out 15 to 30 days live projects or virtual internships. These live projects can add significant value to one's curriculum vitae (CV) in the coming days. The students, by enrolling themselves in multiple internships, can indeed, have hands-on experience in varied domains. And, undoubtedly, this process can immensely help students at the time of placement.


(IV) Revise The Process Of Recsessions

Well, COVID19 has gifted us an unpredicted economic slowdown. So, as an MBA student, you must read and analyse cases of various companies that fought with their utmost vigour and astonishing inventions, during the past tough times of financial crisis.

For example, WhatsApp started its application at the end of 2008. And today! Woah! WhatsApp is a massively used, free mobile messaging application.

Therefore, your ideas can help you to commence your own startup or, your innovative solutions can influence and impress the company you want to work with!

(V) Networking

COVID19 has granted us the time to build our network on professional platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. You can, therefore, as an MBA student, connect with industry experts, create engageable content and post about trending topics.

A great networking link and communication aptitude can help you to pitch your abilities to a considerable number of future employers.

Therefore, this lockdown might have created a lot of issues in our lives. But then what is life without challenges? These difficulties, ultimately, make us stronger and more prepared for the future.

And as the Best Management College in Lucknow, LBSIMDS, we tend to teach our pupils to deal with the toughest of situations with utmost confidence and grace.