Water or Music Therapy: What are The Small Steps That Can Help You Manage your Lockdown Stress?

Water or Music Therapy: What are The Small Steps That Can Help You Manage your Lockdown Stress?


The COVID19 Lockdowns have escalated the stress levels amongst innumerable individuals all around the world. A dent has been caused in the mental health of beings, specifically, students.

Students, therefore, need to know how to deal with anxiety. This situation must not become the foundation for their negative thinking in future.

And as students of the Top Management College in Lucknow , Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management and Development Studies, you must have been taught how to deal with such adverse circumstances, under your course of Stress Management.

Though, here is a revision of the same. Following are a few points that can help you manage stress during COVID-19 Lockdowns:



Now, we all know, lockdowns have compelled us to evaporate our habit of working on time. As there is no schedule of attending lectures, meeting assignment deadlines, we have somewhere forgotten the need to be working according to a set timetable.

Though, that should not be the case. As mentioned in the previous article, it is a must for you to spend your time wisely. Proper time management is one of the most effective stress-relieving habits. Therefore, delineate and stick to a timetable. Also, try to sustain attainable time slots. Relaxation is equally as important as studying. Therefore, take satisfactory breaks and keep yourself engrossed in doing something fruitful as well as enjoyable.





(II) EXERCISE:It is a proven fact. Ordinarily, the stress level is lower amongst individuals who maintain a healthy routine. Therefore, you must exercise. Maybe it is through exercise, that we smash and get the negative energies, flow out of our systems. Not to forget, a fit body can help you look more attractive and confident about yourself. All in all, exercise warrants to be a wondrous mood-buster. Our last article HOW CAN STUDENTS STAY CALM AMID COVID-19 PANDEMIC? too focused on this pleasurable activity!







Many individuals are unaware of water therapy. You can relax your body by drinking lots of water. Several kinds of research have revealed that dehydration leads to higher cortisol levels (the stress hormone), making it harder for humans to even deal with everyday issues. A hot water bath is also a rescuer! Stress causes the muscles of the body to contract. A hot water bath can relieve those symptoms and keep the muscles loose.

Therefore, students, you must utilize the

benefits of water therapy!




A notably common and well-known fact, but not utilized as often as it should have been! An entertaining activity itself, listening to music has miraculous psychological benefits. It does not solely boost your mood but improves your memory and cognitive abilities. Though, you must listen to slow and soul-soothing music. Classical and meditation music offer exceptional mood-boosting benefits, while heavy metal and techno music are stated to be ineffective, during stress-relieving times.












Having been stated repetitively, you must ensure to endure your calming hobbies. Hobbies that we love tend to cheer our mood and distract ourselves from stressors. So, whether it is painting, cooking or even sleeping, you must most definitely pursue your tranquillizing activity.









Easier said than done. Yes, we know! It is quite a challenge. But if you keep focusing on the negative aspects of the crisis, you will be burdened by a lot of mental stress. Therefore, you must reprogram yourself and your process of perceiving situations. Use positive affirmations regularly. This act can, gradually, channelize your optimistic thinking as an element of your unconsciousness.






You need to sleep for at least 8 hours a night. You must, if required, take power naps in the afternoon as well. Stress and anxiety shall not force you to toss yourself throughout the lap of night. Therefore, ensure to work out and feel a little exhausted. A little fatigue can cause you to fall asleep, without having to turn with grief, worry, or difficult emotions during the night.





Therefore, as students of the most exceptional Management Development Programmes in Lucknow offered by the Best Management College in Lucknow , LBSIMDS www.lbsimds.ac.in , you can effortlessly, manage your stress levels during COVID-19. Ensure to tick mark all the aforementioned points, and you'll become proficient enough to manage several factors of your life. Remember, we are emphasizing upon these points quite repeatedly in our articles because we do not want our students to, in any what case, affect their mental health.

So, Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! And Stay Sane!