Why LBSIMDS Considers Training And Development To Be Important?

Why LBSIMDS Considers Training And Development To Be Important?

Training and Development Programmes

The resources employed in a business setup are exceedingly crucial for the smooth functioning of the same. Whether it is the financial resource, the intellectual resource or the physical resource, all are eminently salient. But the Human Resource without fail, always, wins the race! It is the human resource that provides worth to other resources.

Why? Because if organizations are the machinery, then labour is the fuel! And an exceptional labour asset lays the foundation of a splendid firm. Therefore, the money spent on the respective resource always turns out to be a pivotal investment.

And hence, training and development of the employees provide the company with a good return on its investment. The company reaps a lot of benefits from the mentioned programmes.

And LBSIMDS, the Top Management College, knows the importance of training and development of the human resource. Thus, they teach their pupils about the same in their second year of the best possible Management Development Programme in Lucknow.

Following are the advantages of Training and Development Programmes:


The training programme gives the employees a better understanding of their work within their capacities. Their confidence shoots to a higher level, eventually enhancing their overall work performance and presentation.


Training and Development Programmes fabricate a solicitous workplace environment. Employees get encouraged to work more effectively and efficiently as they discern themselves to be valued. These programs help the employees move a step ahead in their career graph, for which they might have to take a training session at a personal level.


Employees work upon their weaknesses, thereby, steadily transfiguring them into their strengths.


Continuous training courses liberate employees to introduce innovative and new strategies in the functioning of the organization. Thus, a modern outlookof the workforce advances the company to accomplish its essential characteristic of perpetual succession.


The turnover rate reduces when the employees are well appreciated. Thus, training programmes fetch in the trust of the workforce towards their company.


Providing training and development programmes could, indeed, attract scores of youngsters and mid-age individuals towards joining the firm. A company could become a brand, a reputed one, as a matter of fact, that treasures its employees and their work!

Therefore, the benefits realized via training and development courses are quite many. And LBSIMDS, the Best MBA College in Lucknow, absolutely acknowledges these advantages. Thus, that's the reason the institute has included the same in their management course.