Amritpal Singh Virdi

Infosys Ltd., London (UK)

My overall experience with LBS is very positive. I feel very lucky and happy to be a part of LBS. The curriculum of LBS was very well organized and I liked the practical approach of he courses. I liked our lectures and enjoyed the class most when our trainers used real-life examples in their teaching. The faculty was very cooperative. 

Nidhi Sharma

Amdocs, Pune

My experience with LBSIMDS is possibly the most admirable moment of my life and with great pride I can say that the college looks for betterment of the students. LBSIMDS offered a very good learning environment, excellent teachers, infrastructure and library facilities. LBSIMDS has expanded my career possibilities by giving me the knowledge to apply towards a focused career path based on specialised skills. I would like to thank all the faculty members for making a difference. 

Avneesh Mishra

Thomson Reuters

Since last nine years, I am working for a Multinational Company based in Bangalore called ‘Thomson Reuters’ (earlier known as ‘Reuters’). It has been a great experience working with global clients like Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Black Rock, Barclays Bank, JP Morgan, City, Sun Trading and many more.

Kailash Chandra Pant

Metlife, NC, USA

LBSIMDS is a milestone for my life’s journey. This is not only an institute for me, it’s like my family. The 3 years, which I spent there as a student were most enjoyable and cherished. This is the institute, which stimulated me intellectually as well as essentially. The faculty there is very supportive and has profound knowledge in their subject areas. I would like to thank each staff person and all the faculty members to be with me in the most marvelous moments of my life.

Deepak Gangwar

Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chicago, USA

Since the first moment I came to LBSIMDS, I met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. I found welcoming classmates, engaged faculty and a build-in community in LBSIMDS. The faculty at this institution are top rate. They want their students to do well. This institution has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need. Professors helped me beyond words. My experience at LBSIMDS has meant career advancement to a responsible and technically challenging positionin a leading software company. Along with that goes an increased sense of self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.