MBA program integrates business theory, critical skills, and the practical application of both these through hands-on experience and action learning. These elements are not taught separately; they are integrated into one comprehensive curriculum.


MBA is a much sought after course because it opens up innumerable opportunities for students across diverse sectors. However, students are able to capitalise on these opportunities only when they are aware & prepared for them. This is where the role of their institution becomes of utmost importance.

Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Development Studies, Lucknow understands this role very well & that is why it is rated as one of the top MBA College in Lucknow to pursue MBA. It is not only one of the oldest institutions affiliated to AKTU but is also one of the best MBA College affiliated to AKTU.

There are many reasons that make LBSIMDS the best management college in Lucknow. First, is our drive to go beyond the curriculum. We invite guest speakers from industry & academia to acquaint our students with the contemporary & latest trends. We have had speakers from banks, retail sector, PSUs, IIM Lucknow, Universities, CA, etc. to address our students.

Second, we align theory with practice to the utmost extent. For this we conduct special lectures by industry professionals who share their practical insights with students. We also organise plant visits to organisations like Coke, Globus, Westside, Landmark, 1090-Women Power line, etc. through which students get a first-hand experience of the working of the corporate world.

Third, we focus lot of attention towards grooming the personality of students. Therefore, we organise programs & workshops on areas like "Developing Confidence", "Enhancing Verbal Communication, "Minding the Body Language", "Self-Motivation", "Stress Management", "Time Management" & the like. These programs not only prepare students for success in life & career but also develop in them the ability to handle setbacks which are a part of life.

Fourth, we guide & counsel the students to understand their aptitude & area of interest & then prepare them accordingly. Our Training & Placement Cell arranges their placement interviews accordingly rather that in a "One size fits all" manner. This how our students secure best MBA placements across varied organisations like PVR, LG, HCL, Star Pus Network, Sadhna TV, Timex, AMUL, Gyan Milk, Nestle, National Insurance Company, ICICI Bank, Tata Motors, etc.

Fifth, we believe that students can learn the most & relate the most with their seniors. Here lies our biggest strength. We have a very strong & worthy alumni network which is unthinkable in majority of the institutions. We organise regular interactions of current students with our alumni who share their stories of success, struggles & challenges, besides giving students valuable tips on what skills they must acquire to become better employable & industry ready. They also explain to students about the market scenario, what they should keep in mind before applying for a particular job & what mistakes they should avoid. The warmth & the mentoring that the students receive from their seniors is one of the best treasure of their life. They acknowledge that such a genuine, unbiased & customised handholding & advice is impossible to find.

Sixth, in terms of Return of Investment i.e. the price paid by a person for the services received, LBSIMDS gives students almost two hundred percent return on investment in terms of the fees charged & the value a student receives in terms of academic, co - curricular, extra - curricular inputs, preparation for placement, personality grooming & also the compensation package achieved through campus placement. We are one of the few MBA Colleges with a very reasonable fees, despite being totally committed to quality education & the future of our students. The basic reason behind this is the fact that the institute was established by a group of self - driven academicians led by Prof. Sunil Kumar who wanted to set up a centre of professional education almost 39 years back when most people did not even know anything about professional education, let alone understanding its future prospects. It was in this scenario that the foundation of LBSIMDS was laid. The institute was not envisaged as a business venture or a profit earning centre by the Founder. It was envisioned as a Centre of Excellence in Management Education from where future managers could be groomed who would contribute towards the growth & development of business, society & the nation.

The institute enjoys credibility & recognition in the city, University & society at large because of its very honest, unbiased & transparent approach. Students & their parents/guardians are free to meet & discuss their concerns or queries with faculty members, Head of the Department, Director or management representative. We also value student feedback very much. So, we have an effective system of feedback in place through which we get genuine feedback from students so that we can align ourselves according to the requirements of the students.

All these facets make LBSIMDS unique, ahead of its contemporaries & the top rated MBA College of Lucknow.


LBSIMDS focuses on three components








We developed this innovative approach to our curriculum after consulting with global business leaders and top employers who told us that MBA graduates need more of the universal ‘soft’ skills and real-world experience in order to be successful in the modern workplace. The scheme of examination and syllabus is prescribed by the Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow.


At the end of the second semester a student has to undergo summer traning in any industrial organisation for a period of eight weeks and write a report on that. This report is examined in their third semster of course as one paper.


After study of all the operational areas of management during the studies of fourth semester a student has to undertake a research on any of th topic related to his course of study and write a research on any of the topic related to his course of study and write a Research Report