Specialized MBA or General MBA : Which MBA Course is Better for you?

Specialized MBA or General MBA: Which MBA Course is Better for you?

Specialized MBA or General MBA

Past decade has seen the vital changes in business landscape. For a candidate, it is very hard to get a good job of choice and prove himself in the corporate world. Yet, this can be done by choosing the right course that can fulfill the requirements of industries.

MBA is the one of the courses that can help one to advance in the corporate domain. Many times, candidate remain confused about which course to pursue; Specialized MBA and General NBA. In fact, both types of MBA courses have their own merits. However, latter can be proved far better than the former one. So, let's take a comparative look at both types of MBA courses form top MBA colleges

  • Scope:

Specialised MBA is a degree course which deals with specialised domains such as Finance, International Business, HR Management, Marketing, Insurance, etc., in which candidates get knowledge that serves the need of a particular industry or a specific section of the organisations. Whereas, General MBA provides broad knowledge for the different domains of management, so as to equip the candidates for different industries and different job profiles.

  • Opportunities:

In the specialized MBA course, candidates are trained in such a way that they can become experts for the specific industry or domain. Due to which job opportunities are limited for them. In contrast, the General MBA from one of the best MBA colleges makes candidates corporate-ready that they have the ability to gain all kinds of opportunities.

  • Capacity to Switch:

Specialised MBA limits the capacity of MBA candidates. Since, they are trained to cater the specific industry or domain, it may be difficult for them to change the industry or domain in the future when they need it. The General MBA degree trains students in such a manner that they can be fit for almost all industries. With elective choices, General MBA has the flexibility to fulfill the requirements of multiple industries and, hence, it becomes the great choice to satisfy the student's requirement.

  • Prior Experience:

Specialised MBA is best suited to the candidates who have prior experience or exposure of the industry or domain for which they are planning to pursue Specialised MBA course. In contrast, no specific professional or educational background is required for pursuing General MBA course. Candidates with any stream or background with minimum eligibility can go for General MBA.

Apart from this, if you have a goal to become a high-level manager in future, then General MBA from top MBA college will help you in improving your soft skills like Critical Thinking, Leadership, etc. This will equip you to make efficient management decisions. Thus, on the above ground a General MBA seems to be a good choice.

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