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We all have motives in life. And isn’t that the actual reason for our existence?

Our motives ‘motivate’ us to achieve the imperative intentions and the desired targets of our living.

The accomplishments of the set objectives propel us. Propel us to do more. Motivation through rewards persuades us, all the more, to perform better. For a better understanding of the complex human behaviour, Psychologists had/ have and still are developing different theories of Motivation. An assorted collection of research studies regarding the same has indeed observed a place in the Training and Development Programs of Organizations, the Academic Curriculum of Education Institutes and amongst the books of Public and, not to forget, the Corporate Sector Libraries.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow in the year 1943, proposed a model. A model that stated the Five Levels of Inducement, now, better known as the delineation of ‘HIERARCHY OF NEEDS’.

The Top Management Colleges set to seal a course on ‘Consumer Behaviour’ in their education syllabus. And LalBahadurShastri Institute of Management and Development Studies, bracketed under the same lists of premier colleges, offers its pupils with the Best Management Development Program in Lucknow. The Best MBA College in Lucknow, nonetheless, sews the Maslow’s Theory of Motivation in its management curriculum. Now, we must know, the reason why a 76-year-old theory is till date holding a status of extreme importance to the people around the world. So, what is the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

The fundamental need of any human being is the Physiological one. This specific need, in actual, comprises of all our necessities. It is about how an individual could sustain the dynamism of the environment. Food, Water, Shelter are a few examples of Physiological Need. This need is for the survival of human beings and, therefore, is considered to be of utmost importance.

The accomplishment of the preceding need makes an individual urge for the fulfillment of Safety and Security Need. Job Stability, Health, Law and Order are few of the many examples of this particular need. The fruition of the need helps a person stay and feel guarded against any tangible or intangible threat.

With a bold tick mark on the blocks of prior needs, a human being desires a sense of Belongingness. Social Needs, thus, launch the gears at the highest speed on the highway of life. Affection, Love, Intimacy all comprise to be the elements of this very need. Relationship Building becomes the essence of life.

We all long for getting recognition for our work. And the fourth and an exceedingly important essential, the Esteem Needs, help in the actualization of the same. Self-Worth, Self-Confidence, Status, Respect all count for one’s existence. And this particular need tracks down whether an individual can make his/ her life worth living for ‘his/ herself’.

Self-Actualization Need highlights the essence of a person’s subsistence. An individual could recognize the reason behind his living and realize his/ her fullest potential. The person not only works for him/ herself but also for the society as a whole. The contentment derived from the fulfillment of this specific need is supremely satisfying.

So, do you think you could conquer upon all the needs of ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’?

Well, you can if you learn to take a lesson of the particular theory from an Outstanding Institute. And you can do so by enrolling yourself in any of the Top Management Colleges of the Country. LBSIMDS is most definitely one of them!

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