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A common question which comes up in the mind of a BA graduate looking forward to making a successful career in Business Administration is “Can I do MBA after B.A.?”Certainly, yes! MBA can be pursued after Arts, Commerce or Science stream. MBA is one of the choicest professional master degrees which is 2 years long in duration. The course path on its own may sound unique, but it is essential for arts graduates who have a knack for business management. MBA after BA is necessary for arts graduates who are focused on entrepreneurship and business administration. This article provides answers on why MBA after BA can be a worthy option.

MBA after BA may seem unique as both don’t have any subjects in common. The switch is a monumental one, but it is not as complicated as it looks to be. MBA after BA may be an unexplored and a new option, but it certainly opens up new opportunities and scopes in the job market. And for most times, it ends up being a better-paying option than other scopes. For the graduates, who have a passion for marketing, sales, human resources, and business administration, this is the course that can suffice them with the required knowledge. Graduates interested in venturing into entrepreneurship post their arts degree can also take up an MBA. MBA allows artistic professionals to get a hold of fundamental business administration skills to explore new horizons.
Reasons for MBA after B.A.
Firstly, if you are pursuing BA or have completed your graduation in BA, then MBA is an effective option to you as much as it is for the students of other streams.
Secondly, you might think that science and commerce students have an edge over you and jumping into MBA would be like getting into a very different world without any relation to your BA degree. But you might be wrong here. There are various specifications in MBA and even commerce and science students are exposed to new subjects and challenges.
Thirdly, MBA is open to students of all streams. MBA is all about management, administration and organisation and it embraces diversification.
Finally, MBA is a universal program having a wide variety of specializations within. If you really want to have a career in Business Administration then, there should be no problem in pursuing MBA after BA.
The extract is that a B.A. degree is chosen by aspirants who don’t want to stick to one particular option, and an MBA over arts even broadens aspirants’ scopes. MBA degree offers aspirants knowledge on business management at the corporate level.It also enhances aspirants’ management skills to handle any organization. MBA also upskill graduates in areas such as financial resource management, business development, and employee management.MBA is beneficial for graduates who aspire to start their organizations. Some of the typical start-up ideas for art students include content marketing, language centres, graphic design, event management, and much more.
Scope of MBA after B.A.
Upon completion of MBA after B.A. from a top-class institute like IIM and Lal bahadur Shastri Institute of Management and Development Studies (LBSIMDS), graduates have a wide range of job scopes both in India and abroad. BA graduates are entitled to receive a plethora of job scopes due to their diverse specialization streams, and the same will multiply with an MBA degree. BA, along with MBA, promises graduates a rewarding career. Graduates can venture into numerous streams and are involved in significant roles concerning business development.
The MBA degree provides adequate freedom for arts graduates to venture into startups with sufficient knowledge. The coursework is designed to offer graduates experience in both basic business administration subjects and specialization subjects. It will help the graduates understand any organization’s functioning and provide suitable solutions to management-level problems.

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