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Company looking for prospective employee looks for smart and creative individuals. A person with an ability to think logically in critical situations and solving complex business- related problems without getting frustrated. The edge which an employer looks in a person is the quality of never Giving up.
MBA is a professional course that helps its student to evolve as a complete professional with excellent communication skills and thinking ability. MBA as a course indeed offers a high- status job with dream salary package. It shows a very rosy picture of the corporate world which offers the best quality of life and sense of achievement. But every management graduate is not able to achieve such high- profile jobs and the high pay packets for that matter. One has to actually go through very rigorous learning and transformation process initiated and designed by the B- schools. The students also need to undergo the journey of self- realization, well before seeking into MBA course. Those aspiring for high life, handsome pay packet and good quality of life but not willing to perspire fail in the mid- way. It’s been observed among students that they also get swayed by the most popular and fascinating specializations like Finance, Marketing and lately Analytics when it comes to opting for the specific specialization without knowing their aptitude and working challenges associated with that specialization. To achieve the dream job a student needs to focus on their respective core competencies.
With time MBA course has evolved itself. From being a course helping in sales maximization and solving typical business problems the course now plays a crucial role in Data management and analytics which is the future of business. It is incorporating usage of technology to offer best business solutions and projections.
There are no. of management institutions operating in India which offer management degree. These institutions have different ranking and brand value. They offer variety of courses with several specializations. Some of these institutes have earned high position and respect and are most sought- after B-Schools. They could achieve this because of their esteemed placements n high salary packages. Placementsare the fundamental trigger for a student for selecting a professional course. A student pursuing the MBA course has the biggest aspiration of getting placed in a top MNC or a top- notch company. But to gather information about the salary post MBA is very difficult to find out. As per the research the average salary of an MBA pass out ranges from 3-6 lacs per annum. This salary could go up to 15-20 lacs depending upon the institution one has studied and caliber he/she possess. To understand the truth many big n branded management and technical institutions only exhbit the highest salary package of their top meritorious students. Most of the time they never reveal what the majority of their students were offered. They don’t even show the placement percentage data.
So, it becomes actually very tricky to find out the salary package post MBA. The basic factors which play the deciding role in demand of MBA graduates and their salary include: the institution of pursuing MBA, specialization opted, the economic situation of the country, the performance of the sector in which one is planning to build up the career. Even one needs to study the growth prospect of that sector. A student should understand above stated factors and also his own priority to get the best out of MBA course. Those students who are looking for a business school which is locally situated, which offers the best placement and salary package, which has positive return on investment with wide exposure can choose Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Development studies, Lucknow. LBSIMDS is one of the most experienced and reputed institution of northern India. Students of Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute & Management Studies, Lucknow have been placed in best companies like Ernst & Young, Reuters, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of America, Nestle, PVR, HCL, L.G., ETV, Axis Bank, Smart Data, TCS to name a few with an average salary of 2-3.6 lacs.

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