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Computers have become an indispensable part of our lives. Today, we as professionals, cannot imagine a life without the specific device. We work on the same to accomplish our projects, our assignments, our presentations in the most accurate, time-saving, orderly and aesthetic manner.

Thus, if one gains knowledge in regards to the mentioned gadget, he/ she could show proficiency in their work. And not only that, they could help others as well to live a digitally inclined life by the development of up-to-the-minute and innovative software and web interfaces.

LalBahadurShastri Institute of Management and Development Studies is the Best MCA College in Lucknow. MCA is the abbreviation of Master of Computer Application. This course helps the students of Lucknow to acquire apprehension of Computers in the best manner possible.
METHODOLOGY ADOPTED BY LBSIMDS: Besides conventional classroom teaching in labs having a computer system of the latest configuration and other facilities with LAN connectivity and Wi-Fi facility, LBSIMDS organizes scores of programmes, seminars and conferences for the particular set of students_theMCAians.

CURRICULUM & COURSE CONTENT OF LBSIMDS: LBSIMDS is counted amongst the Top MCA Colleges in Lucknow.

After consulting with Global Business Leaders and Top Employers, the Institute has developed a unique approach to fabricate a curriculum for MCA graduates that enhances their universal ‘soft’ skills and real-world experience. Thus, this helps the respective students to gain more probability of being successful in the modern workplace.
The scheme of examination and syllabus is prescribed by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow.

PRACTICAL TRAINING PROGRAM: After the comprehension of the operational areas of Computer Application during the first five Semesters, the students are subjected to undergo project training in any organization in the last semester of their course.
They have to work on a live project.
The report that is created in regards to the work accomplished by them during the course gets examined as they carry a good weightage of 500 marks.
The course of MCA prepares its pupils to meet the swelling requirements of namely every industry. There is a huge demand for competent computer professionals in the market. Software Engineering, System Analysis, Organization System and Structure- facilitate beings in solving complicated problems and managing the digital operations. There is a myriad of applications. But equivalent is the number of opportunities. Opportunities to develop and update various software all around the globe. And LBSIMDS is an MCA College in Lucknow that could help you develop adept skills of the course mentioned.

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