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MBA candidates who are showing up in the approaching MAT Exam on the 17th of Feb, 2019(PBT) and the 23rd of Feb, 2019(CBT) must hold fast to a concrete plan for an exceptionally vital way to prepare themselves for the same.

Doing as such would assist the candidate to follow a particular format amid the test day and prepare himself/ herself in the respective manner, substantially now when there isn’t much time left for the exam.

It doesn’t make a difference what time one opts for so as to revise for the exam, he/ she should remember that it is not going to benefit him/ her to spendtime grasping inordinate paragraphs for long hours, particularly over a weak realm in the very last moment.

If he/she does so, he/ she would not be able to complete his/ her revision in the specific time limit because of extreme fatigue. A break once in a while will do him/ her a great deal of profit. The important thing to recollect is that one should master to think rationally and prepare himself/ herself accordingly so as to recall facts at the time of assessment.

Keep in mind, quality is in every case superior to quantity. All things considered, 6 hours of a day shall prove to be advantageous in these remaining days so as to accomplish a 95 or more percentile (700+ composite score).

The candidate should scrutinize newspapers and magazines, watch English language news channels to maintain a strategic distance from monotony and in this manner, likewise get ready for general awareness section.
A standout amongst the most critical elements is rather to maintain a decent balance among accuracy and speed.

The time given for completing the test is restricted (only 150 minutes for 200 questions). The key lies in answering the questions precisely in the most appropriate stretch of time.

Towards the last days of the test, building up a legitimate test-taking idea is a strategy that a MAT aspirant needs to adopt. This could guarantee him/her to leverage on to his/ her strengths while attempting the test promptly.

Any technique that one plans to pursue should revolve around the time-saving measures so as to answer the maximum number of questions in the given period of time.
February 2019 MAT will have following five sections
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