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MBA is not merely a degree but a gateway to a professional career & good life. There are number of institutions from where students can pursue MBA but to choose the best MBA college is essential. This is because only an MBA degree will not help you give a kickstart to your career. The inputs you receive during the MBA program, the exposure you get & the personality grooming you are given will set you ahead from your contemporaries. Therefore, it is imperative to take the right decision in choosing the institute to pursue MBA.
Choosing the best MBA college is important for the following reasons:
1. Credibility
You will never have to worry about recognition & approval of your degree while studying or after passing out.
2. Faculty
A good college will have the best intellectual resource. The faculty will not only be qualified & experienced but will also have adequate exposure to teach management program in a dynamic environment.
3. Academic Environment
The environment in a good college is conducive to the intellectual growth of students. The faculty is supportive & goes out of the way to solve the queries & problems of students.
4. Infrastructure
A good college has adequate infrastructure which facilitates students in their intellectual advancement, skill development & career growth. This includes well stocked, rich library, computer lab, Wi-Fi facility, smart classrooms, etc.
5. Practical Exposure
In a good MBA college the focus is not merely on teaching the prescribed curriculum but facilitating the students to be able to relate theory with practice.
6. Personality Grooming
What differentiates a good MBA college from the crowd is the focus on shaping the overall personality of students through varied interventions.
7. Co-curricular Activities
A good MBA college goes that extra mile to help students to develop awareness on contemporary topics & concepts that are beyond the curriculum.
8. Extracurricular Activities
A good MBA college differentiates itself through the bouquet of extracurricular activities it organises for its students.
9. Customised Approach
In a good MBA college, the belief is that each student is different from the other in terms of their aptitude & preferences, so every student is shaped in a different way.
10. Placement
Last but not the least, a good MBA college takes the placement of all its students as its own responsibility.
Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Development Studies, Lucknow scores high on the all the above criteria. It has a long standing of about 30 years in the field of professional education & enjoys high credibility amongst its stakeholders. It is approved by AICTE & affiliated to AKTU. The faculty is selected through a rigorous selection process & most of them are either Ph.D or NET. Many of the faculty members are invited as trainers & consultants to various government & private organizations. The faculty encourage students to be inquisitive & get their queries & doubts solved without any inhibitions.
The infrastructure of the college, comprising of lecture halls, smart classrooms, library, computer labs, etc. create an atmosphere conducive to academics. LBSIMDS focusses a lot of attention towards grooming the personality of students. Therefore, we organise programs & workshops on areas like “Developing Confidence”, “Enhancing Verbal Communication, “Minding the Body Language”, “Self-Motivation”, “Stress Management”, “Time Management” & the like.

We conduct special lectures by industry professionals who share their practical insights with students. We also organise plant visits to organisations like Coke, Globus, Westside, Landmark, 1090-Women Power line, etc. through which students get a first-hand experience of the working of the corporate world.

We guide & counsel the students to understand their aptitude & area of interest & then prepare them accordingly. This how our students secure best MBA placements across varied organisations like PVR, LG, HCL, Star Pus Network, Sadhna TV, Timex, AMUL, Gyan Milk, Nestle, National Insurance Company, ICICI Bank, Tata Motors, etc.

All these facts & more make LBSIMDS the best MBA college in Lucknow.

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